Body of Light- Time to Kill
Body of Light- Time to Kill

Body of Light- Time to Kill

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Label: Dais

Released 7/26/19

Body of Light are back! On their third album, Time to Kill, the Jarson brothers refine their brand of cold and driving synth pop with a bold pallet of sounds and a focus on uncharted technique and purpose.

Like the pale digital stare of the modern devices surrounding our daily lives, the album weaves stories of love and obsession in an era of technical bondage and fleeting exhilaration. Written over a period of intense and profound change, Time to Kill stands as a startling reminder of how important our existence truly is. Haunting keys and punching rhythms score their work, presenting an alluring and romantic dialogue with confident projection.

Produced by Matia Simovich at Infinite Power Studios in Los Angeles and mastered by Josh Bonati, Time to Kill shines with new direction and intention through lustrous production and innovative songwriting. Album design and packaging by Collin Fletcher.

Track Listing:

  1. Time To Kill
  2. Heart of Shame
  3. Don’t Pretend
  4. Fever Freak
  5. Fear
  6. Dangerous
  7. Violent Days
  8. Stormy
  9. Under The Dome