Bombino- Bombino Live In Amsterdam

Bombino- Bombino Live In Amsterdam

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Label: Partisan 

Released 11/27/20


Bombino recorded his seventh album live in Amsterdam in late 2019. It features three new songs, seven songs from his incredible catalog and his version of a Tinariwen song. This RSD Black Friday double LP is pressed in a limited edition of 1500 for the world.

Track Listing:

  1. Iyat Na Hay
  2. Azamane Tiliade 
  3. Amidinine
  4. Midiwane
  5. Tar Hani
  6. Chatahat
  7. Ahoulaguine Akaline 
  8. Takamba
  9. Timtar
  10. Imajghane
  11. Chet Boughassa