Boxhead Ensemble- Ancient Music

Boxhead Ensemble- Ancient Music

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Label: Jealous Butcher

Released 7/21/2023

Cinema is baked into Krassner’s musical DNA, and these recordings sometimes veer from evoking a lost psychedelic sci-fi flick to a desolate western, or from a horror film to a sun-dappled romance. Listening closely, you hear the years in these songs, but also the freshness of a brand new moment. Though one could read the title Ancient Music as a cheeky display of Krassner’s self-deprecating humor, listening to its majestic swells and spooky corners, it becomes clear that Krassner means it the other way too. These are songs that have somehow always existed. And somehow, they always will.

Track listing:

  1. The Bare Earth
  2. The Incandescent Wanderer
  3. The Other Shore
  4. Cuckoo Symposium
  5. An Illuminated Afterthought
  6. Mountain Music
  7. The Death Of An Ancient Star
  8. The Swallowing Sea
  9. A Quiet Place
  10. Elephant Architecture
  11. Between The River Banks
  12. Desert Fugue
  13. The Cadence Of Lunar Time
  14. Rodan Crater
  15. Three Dimensional Memories
  16. Moth
  17. Ancient Music
  18. Life Cycles
  19. A Farewell Under The Palo Verde Tree