Brad Mehldau- Jacob's Ladder

Brad Mehldau- Jacob's Ladder

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Label: Nonesuch

Released 3/18/2022

The album features new music that reflects on scripture and the search for God through music inspired by the prog rock Mehldau loved as a young adolescent, which was his gateway to the fusion that eventually led to his discovery of jazz. Jacob's Ladder is made up of original compositions by Mehldau alongside interpolations and covers of songs by Rush, Gentle Giant and Yes. Featured musicians on the album include Mehldau’s label mates Chris Thile and Cécile McLorin Salvant, as well as Mark Guiliana, Becca Stevens, Joel Frahm, and others.

Track listing:

  1. Maybe As His Skies Are Wide
  2. Herr Und Knecht
  3. (Entr'acte) Glam Perfume
  4. Cogs in Cogs, Pt. I: Dance
  5. Cogs in Cogs, Pt. II: Song
  6. Cogs in Cogs, Pt. III: Double Fugue
  7. Tom Sawyer
  8. Vou Correndo Te Encontrar / Racecar
  9. Jacob's Ladder, Pt. I: Liturgy
  10. Jacob's Ladder, Pt. II: Song
  11. Jacob's Ladder, Pt. III: Ladder
  12. Heaven: I. All Once - II. Life Seeker - III. WÜRM - IV. Epilogue: It Was a Dream But I Carry It Still