Braid- The Age of Octeen

Braid- The Age of Octeen

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Label: Polyvinyl

Reissued 2010, originally released 1996

Age of Octeen, the sophomore full-length from BRAID, mixes passionate vocals, excellent wordplay, dueling guitars, and a relentless rhythm section. Re-mastered by John Golden (NIRVANA, SONIC YOUTH, MELVINS). Vinyl includes digital download.

Track Listing:

  1. My Baby Smokes
  2. Nineteen 75
  3. Divers
  4. Jimmy Go Swimmer
  5. Movie Clock Star
  6. Eulalia, Eulalia
  7. Grace Car Part One
  8. Harrison Ford
  9. American Typewriter
  10. The Chandelier Song
  11. Autobiography