Brian Eno- Ambient 4: On Land

Brian Eno- Ambient 4: On Land

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Label: Virgin

Reissued 2018, Originally released 1982

On ‘Ambient 4 (On Land)’ – the final edition in ENO's ambient series – his palate shifted from electro-mechanical and acoustic instruments towards “non-instruments” like pieces of chain, sticks and stones. In a pioneering early incarnation of what later became widely-known as remixing, Eno explained, “I included not only recordings of rooks, frogs and insects, but also the complete body of my own earlier work making ‘On Land’, which involved feeding unheard tape into the mix, constant feeding and remixing, subtracting and composting.” Conventional instruments do occasionally feature however, including JON HASSELL's trumpet and BILL LASWELL’s bass. The album also features contributions from MICHAEL BROOK and DANIEL LANOIS

Track listing:

  1. Lizard Point 
  2. The Lost Day 
  3. Tal Coat 
  4. Shadow 
  5. Lantern Marsh 
  6. Unfamiliar Wind 
  7. A Clearing 
  8. Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960