Broadcast- Tender Buttons

Broadcast- Tender Buttons

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Label: Warp

Released 2005

Psychedelic pop magicians BROADCAST return with another brilliant album, and a strikingly personal diary that skips from love to longing without missing a beat. Fourteen tracks that give subtle aesthetic nods to CAN, JOY DIVISION, KATE BUSH, and JEAN JACQUES PERRY, and feature the ethereal, poignant vocals of TRISH KEENAN.

Track Listing:

  1. I Found the F
  2. Black Cat
  3. Tender Buttons
  4. America's Boy
  5. Tears in the Typing Pool
  6. Corporeal
  7. Bit 35
  8. Arc of a Journey
  9. Michael a Grammar
  10. Subject to the Ladder
  11. Minus 3
  12. Goodbye Girls
  13. You and Me in Time
  14. I Found the End