Brokeback- Looks at the Bird

Brokeback- Looks at the Bird

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Label: Thrill Jockey

Reissued 2017, originally released 2003

Looks at the Bird is BROKEBACK's third album, originally released in 2003. Sold out on vinyl for over thirteen years, this re-issue is pressed on high quality virgin vinyl and packaged with an artworked inner sleeve and a free download card. On Looks at the Bird, McCombs is joined by STEREOLAB's LAETITIA SADIER and MARY HANSEN as well as Noel Kupersmith (CHICAGO UNDERGROUND), Rob Mazurek (EXPLODING STAR ORCHESTRA, CHICAGO UNDERGROUND), John McEntire (TORTOISE), Aki Tsuyuko, and Chad Taylor (CHICAGO UNDERGROUND, MARC RIBOT).

Track Listing:

  1. From The Black Current 3:43
  2. Lupé 5:00
  3. Name's Winston, Friends Call Me James 4:50
  4. Everywhere Down Here 4:28
  5. In The Reeds 5:22
  6. 50 Guitars 4:32
  7. The Suspension Bridge At Iguazú Falls 3:14
  8. The Wind-Up Bird 4:47
  9. Pearl's Dream 3:28