Buddy Guy- Stone Crazy Blues

Buddy Guy- Stone Crazy Blues

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Label: Not Now Music

Released 2017

"Buddy Guy is by far, and without doubt, the best guitar player alive" Eric Clapton once proclaimed. Pretty awesome for a kid who started out on a two-string guitar pieced together from a chunk of wood and his mother's hairpins. But that was the way of things for George 'Buddy' Guy. This compilation gathers the recordings that launched his career.

Track listing:

  1. Stone Crazy
  2. Sit and Cry
  3. This Is the End
  4. First Time I Met the Blues
  5. Slop Around
  6. Try to Quit You Baby
  7. The Treasure Untold
  8. I Got My Eyes on You
  9. Let Me Love You Baby
  10. Broken Hearted Blues
  11. Skippin'
  12. When My Left Eye Jumps
  13. You Sure Can't Do
  14. Ten Years Ago