Bush Tetras- They Live In My Head
Bush Tetras- They Live In My Head
Bush Tetras- They Live In My Head

Bush Tetras- They Live In My Head

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Label: Wharf Cat

Released 7/28/2023

Bush Tetras have made punk music at the fringes for over four decades. Flashes of reggae, bursts of noise, guitars that rattle, shake and snake, born out of a gutter behind CBGBs. Over the years they have respawned time and time again, contorting their sound, tweaking the vision, remaining singular and indispensable. In the late 2010s the group—Pat Place, Cynthia Sley, and Dee Pop—reformed again, releasing an EP, Take the Fall, in 2018. It was their first offering of new music in over a decade. A few years later in, 2021, they released a career spanning box set called Rhythm and Paranoia. The New York Times called the box set an artifact that “proves for decades [that Bush Tetras] continued to evolve in surprising yet intuitive directions.” Around the same time, the band began working on a full length record, writing sessions during the pandemic over Zoom. Right before the release of the box set, beloved drummer Dee Pop passed away. Determined to complete the record to honor his memory, the Tetras went into the studio to finish what they’d started, once the timing was right. They brought in a new drummer, Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley, who also served as producer. Enter They Live in My Head.

Track listing:

    1. Bird On A Wire
    2. Tout Est Meilleur
    3. Things I Put Together
    4. 2020 Vision
    5. I Am Not A Member
    6. Walking Out The Door
    7. So Strange
    8. Ghosts Of People
    9. They Live In My Head
    10. Another Room
    11. The End