Butch Walker- Butch Walker As...Glenn

Butch Walker- Butch Walker As...Glenn

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Label: Ruby Red

Released 1/20/2023

Overall, it's yet another mostly remarkable album from Walker but there are admittedly a couple of weaker tracks here - specifically the duet "Stateline Fireworks," which seems a little out of place here and the plodding "Slow Leak," which kills a little of the momentum here. The set, complete with a "tip your waitstaff" intro is meant to sound like the live soundtrack to a piano player club act, includes a 45 second bar fight to split up the album (aptly titled "Bar Fight"). All momentum is quickly brough back up to speed on the rambunctious "Tell Me I'm Pretty (Bethamphetamine Pt. 2)" one of the few guitar-heavy tracks here. And as fun as raucous moments like that are, it's a song like "Holy Water Hangover," the first single and easily one of the most addictively catchy songs Walker has ever written, that makes this album a need to own.

Track listing:

  1. The Band Takes the Stage
  2. Leather Weather (MR. And Ms. Understanding)
  3. Roll Away (Like a Stone)
  4. Avalanche
  5. State-Line Fireworks (With Sue Clayton)
  6. Slow Leak
  7. Bar Fight
  8. Tell Me I'm Pretty (Bethamphetamine PT 2)
  9. Holy Water Hangover
  10. Don't Let It Weigh Heavy on Your Heart (With Elizabeth Cook)
  11. The Negotiator
  12. The Band Plays An Encore
  13. Lean Into Me