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California- California

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Label: Blackball

Released 2016

California is the band featuring Jason White (vocals/guitar), Dustin Clark (bass/vocals) and Adam Pfahler (drums). You know White as the other guy in GREEN DAY and PINHEAD GUNPOWDER. Clark was in SOOPHIE NUN SQUAD. Pfahler you might remember as the other other guy from JAWBREAKER. This self-titled LP is their debut album and was recorded over several months that included the birth of two children, a throat cancer diagnosis for the singer and accompanying radiation and chemotherapy treatments (long story short-he's fine). CALIFORNIA plays power pop, rock, punk.

Track Listing:

  1.  Hate the Pilot
  2. Same Boat
  3. Almost Home
  4. Cut & Paste
  5. Bad Directions
  6. Winners
  7. To the Airport
  8. See Yer Friends
  9. Woodson Lateral
  10. No Hoodoo