Cate Le Bon- Reward

Cate Le Bon- Reward

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Label: Mexican Summer

Released 6/14/19

 Cate Le Bon has been a singular voice in music through visionary album releases like 2013’s Mug Museum, 2016’s Crab Day, collaborations with White Fence aka Tim Presley via their band Drinks, producing Deerhunter’s latest 2019 studio album and many other notable collaborations and guest appearances. Reward sees Cate Le Bon doing the almost unthinkable in 2019: creating something singular and special, a unique multi-faceted album that is both familiar and shockingly new, packed with ideas and directions of where and what music can be.

Track Listing:
  1. Miami
  2. Daylight Matters
  3. Home To You
  4. Mother's Mother's Magazines
  5. Here It Comes Again
  6. Sad Nudes
  7. The Light
  8. Magnificent Gestures
  9. You Don't Love Me
  10. Meet The Man