Cautious Clay- Karpeh
Cautious Clay- Karpeh

Cautious Clay- Karpeh

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Label: Blue Note

Released 8/25/2023

Throughout the album, Cautious Clay is equating his life's journey to an amalgamation of his family's past life experiences, an exploration of the present, and a universal truth that will help define his future choices. He broke it out into 3 parts in the order of the track list:

THE PAST EXPLAINED: My early life going up in Ohio + my family's past experiences being the cornerstone of what shaped me for better + worse. Themes of unwavering self-reliance, the "tides" of family/work-life balance, race, + cultural identity are throughout this section.

THE HONEYMOON OF EXPLORATION: branching out from my past/family members before me embracing vices, personal gratification, and deep self-reflection - different forms of intimacy, psychedelic drugs, + togetherness are a crucial part of this section.

A BITTER & SWEET SOLITUDE: Learning how to be alone with my "thoughts" in order to be the healthiest version of myself when I am around friends, family, etc. No matter where I go in life, being alone is a beautiful + eternal truth.There are themes of greed, death, + speaking for myself/my own needs. While this section lacks alot of lyrical content, sonically it is oscillating between heavier/aggressive and more soft/mellow sonic components.

Track listing:

The Past Explained

  1. 102 years of comedy
  2. Fishtown
  3. Ohio (1st single)
  4. Karpehs don't flinch
  5. The Tide is my Witness
  6. Take a Half (skit on taking psychedelic mushrooms)

The Honeymoon Of Exploration

  1. Another Half (rolls into form skit)
  2. Repeat Myself
  3. Glass Face
  4. Walls & a Roof

A Bitter & Sweet Solitude

  1. Unfinished House
  2. Blue Lips
  3. Tears of Fate
  4. Yesterday's Price (very instrumental)
  5. Moment's Stolen
  6. Daring Is Caring