Cerberus Shoal- ...And Farewell To Hightide

Cerberus Shoal- ...And Farewell To Hightide

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Label: Temporary Residence 

Reissued 10/14/2022, Originally released 1996

The long out-of-print sophomore album by the pioneering, creatively restless troupe, Cerberus Shoal, highlights the earliest phase of their transition from experimental hardcore band to transcendent exploratory collective. Originally released in 1996, …And Farewell To Hightide combined the group's unique command of patient anticipation with a significantly expanded musical palette and a refined musicianship. Shedding virtually all obvious references to the frenetic post-hardcore of their eponymous debut album, Hightide saw Cerberus Shoal incorporating elements of Talk Talk, Tortoise, and the early Windham Hill catalog into a sound that was incomparable at the time. Now, more than 20 years later, it's proven astonishingly prescient and truly timeless. Beautifully remastered and finally made available digitally for the first time ever, this expanded deluxe edition includes the Lighthouse In Athens EP recorded during the same era as …And Farewell To Hightide. Finally available on vinyl for the first time ever, …And Farewell To Hightide – Deluxe Expanded Edition is packaged in restored artwork with newly uncovered photos and extensive new liner notes written by the band. The record has been newly mastered for vinyl by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service, and pressed onto audiophile-grade vinyl.

Track listing:

  1. Falling to Pieces Part One
  2. Broken Springs Spring Forth from Broken Clocks
  3. J.B.O. Vs. Blin
  4. Make Winter a Driving Song
  5. Falling to Pieces Part Two
  6. Lighthouse in Athens Part One
  7. Lighthouse in Athens Part Two