Chad Valley- Equitorial Ultravox EP

Chad Valley- Equitorial Ultravox EP

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Label: Cascine

Released 2017

CHAD VALLEY is Cascine's most successful artist, boasting consistently strong catalogue sales and a live set thats one of the best in the business. His biggest release to date is the Equatorial Ultravox EP with lead singles having amassed +10M plays across platforms. The EP is now being repressed to feature the original material remastered plus two previously unreleased tracks and Cashmere Cats remix of focus track, Shell Suite (from the blockbuster film Warm Bodies."Beatific, sunshine-dappled Balearic pop." -Pitchfork

Track listing:

  1. Now That I'm Real (How Does It Feel?)
  2. Reach Lines
  3. Shell Suite
  4. Acker Bilk
  5. Fast Challenges
  6. I Want Your Love
  7. Shapeless
  8. Real Time
  9. Your Love
  10. Shell Suite (Cashmere Cat Remix)