Charles Bradley- No Time For Dreaming

Charles Bradley- No Time For Dreaming

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Label: Dunham / Daptone

Reissued 2011

Daptone Family, your PRAYERS have been ANSWERED! CHARLES BRADLEY No Time for Dreaming - The Instrumentals is HERE! Never before has the Daptone H.Q. experienced such a unanimous outcry for instrumental satisfaction. We’re talking interplanetary, people. I believe our request came in just minutes after CHARLES BRADLEY's international, smash-hit debut left the pressing plant. A truck leaving the plant was held up by a couple of rogue DJ's (we assume) trying to lock down the freshest wax for a party they were throwing later that evening. Gunfi_re ensued, but the dastardly _ends escaped with one copy of No Time for Dreaming. This is purely speculation, but authorities believe one of the thugs must have been carrying a portable player, because just seconds after word of the great heist was leaked to the media, Daptone H.Q. received a mysterious message - the voice barely audible due to some sort of digital trickery - begging for CHARLES BRADLEY instrumentals. The calls haven't stopped since. Our solution: 12 DYNAMITE tracks of unstoppable instrumentality. These hypnotic hymns--played oh so skillfully by Brooklyn's premier SUPER group, MENAHAN STREET BAND, promises to be the consummate summer soundtrack for all you hip cats and kittens.

Track Listing:

  1. The World (Is Going Up in Flames)
  2. The Telephone Song
  3. Golden Rule
  4. I Believe in Your Love
  5. Trouble in the Land
  6. Lovin' You, Baby
  7. No Time for Dreaming
  8. How Long
  9. In You (I Found a Love)
  10. Why Is It So Hard?
  11. Since Our Last Goodbye
  12. Heartaches and Pain