Chase Atlantic- Beauty in Death

Chase Atlantic- Beauty in Death

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Label: Fearless

Released 3/5/21

Representing the missing link between anesthetized woozy trap, nocturnal R&B, and psychedelically spun alternative, Chase Atlantic blur boundaries between genres through fearless experimentation and innate melodic inclinations. Amassing over 350 million streams domestically and receiving acclaim from Billboard, OnesToWatch, mxdwn, PopCrush, Alternative Press, Substream Magazine, and Rock Sound of which they graced the cover, the Australia-born and Los Angeles-based trio—Mitchel Cave, Clinton Cave, and Christian Anthony—boldly push forward again on their forthcoming debut for Fearless Records BEAUTY IN DEATH.

Track listing:

  1. Paranoid
  3. Out the Roof
  4. Slide
  5. Please Stand By (ft. De'Wayne & Xavier Mayne)
  6. Aleyuh
  7. Molly
  8. Call Me Back
  9. I Think I'm Lost Again
  10. Empty
  11. Wasted
  12. Beauty in Death