Chicago Farmer- Quarter Past Tonight

Chicago Farmer- Quarter Past Tonight

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Label: Self-Release

Released 2018

Based in Bloomington, IL, Chicago Farmer (A.K.A. Cody Diekhoff) independently releases his first live Chicago Farmer album, Quarter Past Tonight, a two-disc set on Aug. 3. With long time studio engineer Chris Harden (I.V. Labs Studio/Chicago) in tow and armed with just his guitar, harmonica and distilled words and stories of heartache, social injustice, hometown pride, love and loss, Chicago Farmer played two sold out nights at the Apollo Theater in Peoria, IL in December of 2017 and captured it all as it went down. Quarter Past Tonight offers a greatest-hits retrospective of his work with 32 tracks of stories and songs, including “Watch Doctor,” “Round Table,” and “Postcards” from his debut album, “Illinois Anthem” and “Assembly Line Blues” off of From a Small Town in Illinois [2006], “Weatherman” from Talk of Town [2007], “Workin’ On It” and “Backseat” from Backenforth, IL [2013], and “Rocco N’ Susie” and “Umbrella” from Midwest Side Stories [2016].  The album also features three new original Chicago Farmer songs — “Dirtiest Uniforms,” “$13 Beers,” and “I Need A Hit “— as well as a cover of Backyard Tire Fire’s “Good to Be.

Track listing:

Disc 1

  1. Dirtiest Uniforms   
  2. Round Table   
  3. Pulled Over On 29   
  4. Anymore
  5. Benefits
  6. Backseat
  7. Assembly Line Blues
  8. $13 Dollar Beers  
  9. Six Records
  10. Who On Earth   
  11. Fall
  12. Illinois Anthem
  13. Jon Stokes Prison Break Blues
  14. People N’ Places
  15. Good To Be [by Edward David Anderson & Backyard Tire Fire]

Disc 2 

  1. I Need A Hit 
  2. Umbrella  
  3. We’re All Billy
  4. Quarter Life Crisis  
  5. Watch Doctor
  6. Weatherman   
  7. Nostalgia & Folklore  
  8. Postcards  
  9. Hats  
  10. Workin’ On It   
  11. Breaking Bad  
  12. Rocco N’ Susie  
  13. Thank You’s   
  14. Victoria Walker   
  15. Farms & Factories  
  16. Won’t Let You Down
  17. For Dad (Pool Song)