Chico Hamilton- Drumfusion

Chico Hamilton- Drumfusion

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Label: Waxtime

Reissued 6/2/2023, Originally released 1962

One of the true legends of modern jazz drumming, Chico Hamilton revamped his group with Charles Lloyd, Gábo Szabó, Garnett Brown (replaced soon after by George Bohanon) and Albert Stinson in 1961, performing what has been described by Joachim E. Berendt as "a moderate avant-gardism". The group recorded for Columbia, Reprise and Impulse Records and also taped the soundtrack to the industrial film Litho in 1962 (the first American movie to be shown behind the Iron Curtain). This release contains the first album by this band, Drumfusion, in its entirety, plus the only known alternate take from the session and one additional bonus track. 180-gram VIRGIN VINYL LIMITED EDITION. THE COMPLETE ALBUM + 2 BONUS TRACKS

Track listing:

  1. One for Joan
  2. Freedom Traveler (Parts I "Prayer" & II "Journey")
  3. Tales
  4. One for Joan [Alternate Take]
  5. Homeward
  6. A Rose for Booker
  7. Transfusion
  8. Transfusion [Version #2]