Chris Isaak- Best of Chris Isaak

Chris Isaak- Best of Chris Isaak

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Label: Mailboat / Wicked Game

Reissued 2016, originally released 2006

Best of Chris Isaak is a greatest hits album by Chris Isaak originally released on May 9, 2006 on the Reprise/Warner Bros. Records label. Given that many artists get the "best-of" treatment after only a few albums, it's quite remarkable that the first real Chris Isaak overview didn't appear until 2006, more than 20 years into the nostalgic pop/rock crooner's career. The 18-track non-chronological collection ranges from the twangy early single "Dancin'" to the guitar-rocker "King Without a Castle, " one of four previously unreleased tracks. Along the way, the set makes room for Isaak's hits, including the ethereal "Wicked Game, " the sinister "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing, " and his spot-on cover of "Only the Lonely" by Roy Orbison-one of his most obvious influences.

Track Listing:

  1. San Francisco Days 2:59
  2. Somebody's Crying 2:47
  3. Wicked Game 4:46
  4. Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing 2:56
  5. Let Me Down Easy 4:05
  6. Two Hearts 3:34
  7. King Without A Castle 3:06
  8. Only The Lonely 2:53
  9. Speak Of The Devil 3:30
  10. Blue Spanish Sky 3:57
  11. You Owe Me Some Kind Of Love 3:47
  12. Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me) 3:37
  13. Let's Have A Party 3:27
  14. Dancin' 3:45
  15. Blue Hotel 3:12
  16. Please 3:36
  17. I Want You To Want Me 3:21
  18. Forever Blue (Acoustic Version) 2:38