Chris Shiflett- Hard Lessons

Chris Shiflett- Hard Lessons

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Label: East Beach

Released 6/14/19

Raised alongside the California coastline in Santa Barbara, SHIFLETT kicked off his career in seminal pop-punk groups like NO USE FOR A NAME and ME FIRST & THE GIMME GIMMES.  As the ’90s gave way to the 2000s, he joined the FOO FIGHTERS’ lineup. He’s since become one of the band’s longest-running members, flying the flag of modern rock & roll for two decades.  Along the way, he’s also become the host of a biweekly Americana podcast, Walking the Floor, as well as the driving force behind solo projects like CHRIS SHIFLET & THE DEAD PEASANTS. Hard Lessons follows West Coast Town as the second solo record to bear his name alone, and it’s perhaps the most SHIFLETT-sounding album in his entire catalog, with songs that nod to the classic Bakersfield sound one minute and KEITH RICHARDS’ greasy guitar style the next.

Track Listing:

  1. Liar's Word
  2. This Ol' World
  3. Welcome to Your First Heartache
  4. The Hardest Lessons
  5. The One You Go Home to
  6. Fool's Gold
  7. I Thought You'd Never Leave
  8. Weak Heart
  9. Marfa on My Mind
  10. Leaving Again
  11. The Hardest Lessons (Reprise)