Christopher Paul Stelling- Best of Luck

Christopher Paul Stelling- Best of Luck

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Label: Anti

Released 2/7/20

Christopher Paul Stelling is a guitar virtuoso, a folk singer- songwriter and a touring troubadour. His album Best of Luck was produced by Grammy award winning musician-producer, Ben Harper. When Harper talks about his admiration for Stelling,. "A guy that can play any instrument from any country and play it with real feeling. He crosses genres but manages to respect them; he is a folk singer with an unusual soulfulness. He understands where this music comes from and why it's remains so essential. Of all the record's I have produced, this is one I'm most proud of."

Track Listing:

  1. Have to Do for Now
  2. Lucky Stars
  3. Trouble Don't Follow Me
  4. Until I Die
  5. Made Up Your Mind
  6. Blue Bed
  7. Something in Return
  8. Hear Me Calling
  9. Waiting Game
  10. Goodnight Sweet Dreams