Civic- Future Forecast

Civic- Future Forecast

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Label: ATO

Released 1/14/2022

Limited white vinyl LP pressing. 2021 debut album from the Melbourne-based garage-rock five-piece. Driving and tenacious, but never losing sight of a good hook and how to use it - Civic don't tip-toe around the edges but obliterate them with primal intensity. Finding a home somewhere between 80's glam rock and Australia's 70's greats, they break the pieces of influence before crafting them into their own beast on Future Forecast. The album comes as a follow-up to their highly sought-after New Vietnam EP.

Track listing:

  1. Radiant Eye 
  2. Another Day 
  3. As Seen On TV 
  4. Just a Fix 
  5. Tell The Papers 
  6. Sunday best 
  7. Shake Like Death 
  8. Back to You 
  9. Hollywood Nights in Hamburg 
  10. Velvet Casino 
  11. Clone 
  12. Come to Know