Class Actress- Rapproacher

Class Actress- Rapproacher

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Label: Carpark

Released 2011

Brooklyn's Class Actress put forth their debut long player, RAPPROCHER. The album sees front person Elizabeth Harper pushing the songs into new directions. Harper remains the force that binds the songs into a cohesive statement, her winking coo darting about in the deep drums and lofty arpeggios, and her passion, backed mostly with electronics, summons thoughts of Yaz's Alison Moyet. In concurrence with the title ('rapprocher' is French for 'bring closer'), the candid sincere lyrics meld with the atmosphere, enveloping the listener into Class Actress's world of 21st century romanticism.

Track Listing:
  1. Keep You
  2. Love Me Like You Used to
  3. Weekend
  4. Prove Me Wrong
  5. Need to Know
  6. Limousine
  7. All the Saints
  8. Bienvenue
  9. Missed
  10. Hangin on
  11. Let Me in