Cody Jinks- Mercy

Cody Jinks- Mercy

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Label: Mercy

Released 11/26/2021

The first release from Mercy is ''All It Cost Me Was Everything,'' a taut, strutting tune that relates some hard-won wisdom about the consequences of actions. ''I’ve been right, I’ve been wrong/I’m a walking, talking, living, breathing country song,'' Jinks sings. The album also includes collaborations with singer-songwriters Kendell Marvel, Adam Hood, and Chris Shiflett.

Track listing:

  1. All It Cost Me Was Everything
  2. Hurt You
  3. Mercy
  4. Feeding The Flames
  5. I Don't Trust My Memories Anymore
  6. Like A Hurricane
  7. How It Works
  8. Nobody Knows How To Read
  9. Shoulders
  10. Dying Isn't Cheap
  11. Roll
  12. When Whiskey Calls The Shots