Coheed & Cambria- Unheavenly Creatures

Coheed & Cambria- Unheavenly Creatures

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Label: Roadrunner

Released 2018

2018 release, the ninth album from the alt/prog rock band. The sprawling self-produced epic finds Coheed and Cambria returning to the conceptual narrative of The Amory Wars, unlike their previous album The Color Before the Sun. Coheed and Cambria formed in 1995. The group's music incorporates aspects of progressive rock, pop, heavy metal, and post-hardcore. Most of Coheed and Cambria's albums are concept albums based on a science fiction storyline called The Amory Wars, a series written by Claudio Sanchez, which has been transcribed into a series of comic books as well as a full-length novel.

Track Listing:

  1. Prologue (Album Version)
  2. The Dark Sentencer (Explicit Album Version)
  3. Unheavenly Creatures (Album Version)
  4. Toys (Album Version)
  5. Black Sunday (Album Version)
  6. Queen of the Dark (Album Version)
  7. True Ugly (Explicit Album Version)
  8. Love Protocol (Album Version)
  9. The Pavilion (A Long Way Back) (Album Version)
  10. Night-Time Walkers (Album Version)
  11. The Gutter (Album Version)
  12. All on Fire (Album Version)
  13. It Walks Among Us (Explicit Album Version)
  14. Old Flames (Album Version)
  15. Lucky Stars (Album Version)
  16. It Walks Among Us
  17. Old Flames
  18. Lucky Stars