Coil- Love's Secret Domain (30th Anniversary)

Coil- Love's Secret Domain (30th Anniversary)

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Label: Wax Trax!

Reissued 9/3/2021, Originally released 1991

In 1991, Coil released the third of their early classic full-length albums "Love's Secret Domain", seemingly casting aside the gloom and funeral beauty of it's predecessors in favor of a painstakingly multi-layered hallucinogenic electronic beast, which unlike some of their fellow ex-industrial contemporaries' releases of the time wasn't an attempt at easy accessibility or (the-gods-forbid) danceability, but a vibrating psychedelic masterpiece unrivaled in their discography and still a landmark album.

Track listing:

  1. Disco Hospital
  2. Teenage Lightning
  3. Windowpane
  4. The Snow
  5. Dark River
  6. Further Back and Faster
  7. Titan Arch
  8. Chaostrophy
  9. Love's Secret Domain