Cold Cave- Cherish The Light Years

Cold Cave- Cherish The Light Years

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Label: Heartworm

Reissued 11/19/2021, Originally released 2011

Cherish The Light Years was released in 2010 by Matador Records. Recorded at Electric Lady and DFA's Plantain Studios in NYC, Cherish is Cold Cave’s second album of dark stadium pop featuring the songs ‘Confetti’, ‘The Great Pan Is Dead’, ‘Underworld USA’ and ‘Villains Of The Moon’ and more. It is an album of love, regret, triumph and failure and is finally available again for it's 10 year anniversary. Pressed on 180 gram color vinyl for the first time. This special edition also includes the unreleased track 'Believe In My Blood'.

Track listing:

  1. The Great Pan Is Dead
  2. Pacing Around The Church
  3. Confetti
  4. Catacombs
  5. Underworld USA
  6. Alchemy And You
  7. Burning Sage
  8. Villains Of The Moon
  9. Believe In My Blood