Cold Cave- Love Comes Close

Cold Cave- Love Comes Close

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Label: Matador

Released 2009

"Love Comes Close" is the debut full-length from Philly/New York quartet COLD CAVE. Following on singles on Hospital Productions, Whats Your Rupture?, and Dais, as well as a comp of early material, Matador is now reissuing the instantly sold-out self-released album from August 2009. The warm, rich synth pop sounds are laced with equal measures of romance and nihilism. Somewhere in these realms of negative hiss and out-of-body bliss, there is a peak awaiting all who enter.

Track Listing:

  1. Cebe And Me 3:44  
  2. Love Comes Close 4:26
  3. Life Magazine 2:56
  4. The Laurels Of Erotomania 2:53
  5. Heaven Was Full 3:43
  6. The Trees Grew Emotions And Died 4:04
  7. Hello Rats 1:49
  8. Youth And Lust 4:01
  9. I.C.D.K. 3:49