Cold Gawd- God Get Me The Fuck Out Of Here

Cold Gawd- God Get Me The Fuck Out Of Here

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Label: Dais

Released 11/25/2022

Cold Gawd is the flag under which California-based multi-instrumentalist Matt Wainwright creates stormy, wounded shoegaze music born of open tunings and R&B melodies. His second collection, God Get Me The Fuck Out Of Here, took shape in the winter of 2020 while working long solo shifts at a coffee shop in Chicago. Fueled by dreams of returning to his hometown of Rancho Cucamonga and reconnecting with old friends from past hardcore bands, Wainright holed up with his coveted pink Jazzmaster, an array of FX pedals, anda laptop, and wrote the entire album in a month. In March of 2021 he made the move, heading back west to the Inland Empire, where he booked sessions with Gabe Largaespada at Open Ocean to track and mix.

Track listing:

  1. Sweet Jesus Wept Shit
  2. You Should Be Fine Down There
  3. On the Pale Silver Sofa
  4. Two Iris Prints
  5. Comfort Thug
  6. Gin
  7. You the Well
  8. Passing Through the Opposite of What It Approaches