Conflict- It's Time To See Who's Who
Conflict- It's Time To See Who's Who

Conflict- It's Time To See Who's Who

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Label: Radiation

Reissued 3/3/2023, Originally released 1983

Released in 1983 on London's Legendary Mortarhate label, Conflict's debut broke all rules in punk rock, setting new standards and storming independent charts, reaching and retaining a #1 position for several weeks. Formed in 1981 and led by vocalist Colin Jerwood, who would remain one of the group's few constants throughout its 30 years of existence, and fueled by hatred for the media, the military, and the general status quo of late century Thatcher's England, Conflict has been a stainless model for three generation of peace punkers, activists, and anarchists from all over the world. 

Track listing:

  1. Young Parasites
  2. Kings & Punks
  3. Meat Means Murder
  4. No Island Of Dreams
  5. Great What?
  6. The Guilt & The Glory
  7. 1824 Overture
  8. Bullshit Broadcast
  9. One Nation Under The Bomb
  10. Blind Attack (2)
  11. Vietnam Serenade
  12. Blood Morons
  13. Exploitation
  14. Crazy Governments
  15. Untitled