Constant Smiles- Kenneth Anger

Constant Smiles- Kenneth Anger

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Label: Sacred Bones

Released 3/3/2023

The musical collective Constant Smiles is known for being prolific and their debut album for Sacred Bones records, Paragons, produced by Ben Greenberg, was the third and final album in a trilogy of indie folk masterpieces that all confronted the internal ways we process our struggles with intimacies, addiction and humanity. Over the last half decade the collective has been simultaneously working on a synth music trilogy and their forthcoming record Kenneth Anger is the third and final record in the series and has been masterfully brought to life by engineer Jonathan Schenke (Parquet Courts, Liars, Dougie Pool).

Track listing:

  1. Finding Ways
  2. In My Heart
  3. Gold Like Water
  4. Here and Gone
  5. I Hope You Are Well
  6. Emma #7
  7. I'm on Your Side
  8. Loaded Anger
  9. Wandering Hours
  10. Off Again