Catholic Discipline- Undergound Babylon

Catholic Discipline- Undergound Babylon

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Label: Artifix 

Reissued 2012, Originally released 2004

New wave doesn't mean shit. The first-ever release from legendary Los Angeles post-punk combo CATHOLIC DISCIPLINE. Led by vocalist CLAUDE BESSY of Slash Magazine fame and known for both Bessy's diatribes and their performance in the film The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization, the band also features PHRANC (NERVOUS GENDER), CRAIG LEE (BAGS), ROBERT LOPEZ (ZEROS, later known as EL VEZ), RICK BRODEY (BPEOPLE, SHADOW MINSTREL), and RICHARD MEADE.

Track Listing:

Oct/Nov 1979: Hong Kong Cafe

  1. Barbee Doll Lust
  2. Everyone Dies Laughing
  3. Hypocrite
  4. Culture Sluts
  5. Underground Babylon
  6. European Son

Winter 1979: Anti-Club

  1. Take It Away
  2. Whip Them Lord
  3. Fast Rhythm
  4. In A Dungeon

January 19, 1980: Hong Kong Cafe

  1. Everyone Dies Laughing (2) 
  2. Whip Them Lord (2)
  3. Soul Testing
  4. Shooting Up With Mother
  5. I'm Choking...

Oct/Nov 1979: Hong Kong Cafe

  1. Tripmaker
  2. Take It Away