Asumaya - Omniphobic

Asumaya - Omniphobic

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Label: So Say We All

Released 2019

Asumaya is the solo-looping project of Madison WI multi-instrumentalist, Luke Bassuener, whose music is built from layers of interlocking harmonies and rhythmic patterns to form churning compositions that make heads spin and feet move. Drawing inspiration from his time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana, and from his other lives as a public elementary school art teacher and a part-time post-punk-dub-jazz drummer, Bassuener's songs sound like a warped world music from a place that might not exist. The new album, Omniphobic, his second for Chicago's So Say We All Records, is a pointed and poetic exploration of racism, xenophobia, hyper-nationalism, and all the shortsightedness and fear that drive contemporary global politics... set to a shifting and insistent pulse.

Track Listing:

  1. If History Has A Direction
  2. Only Everything
  3. Outsider
  4. There Is A Line
  5. Amnesty
  6. A Hunger Made Up Chess
  7. Pinata Party Platform
  8. The Strength And The Storms
  9. The Rights Of Right Now