The Holy Childhood - Up with what I'm Down with

The Holy Childhood - Up with what I'm Down with

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Label: Mute

Released 5/16/2000

Formed in 1997, the HOLY CHILDHOOD employ a rotating cast of musicians from various sects of the East Coast indie scene. With instrumentation that can be as spare as a saxophone/bass/drums trio or as large as an octet including piano, female backup vocals, three guitars, and a full horn section, the sound of the band is somewhat dependant upon their membership on any given night, but is nonetheless sonically inventive and truly in a creative category all their own. Formed under the singer/songwriter leadership of NATIVE NOD co-founder Danny Leo, the HOLY CHILDHOOD first came into existence with Danny Leo on guitar and vocals, Peter Kerlin on bass, and Nawi Avila on baritone, tenor, and soprano saxophones. They were often joined by a host of other players, sometimes including Leo's brother, Ted, Gibb Slife of the LAPSE, and Jodi Buonnanno of the SECRET STARS.

Track Listing: 

A1 Shame 2:01
A2 I Better Be Careful Or I'll Be Understood By Everyone 4:00
A3 Fat Tuesday Everyday! 3:39
A4 I'm Going To The Airport 3:00
A5 Narragansett Night Life 2:35
B1 The Shaker Aesthetic 1:09
B2 Emma Flood, My Best Friend 7:59
B3 Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child 2:04
B4 Ambivalent Blues 3:39
B5 The Holy Childhood Meets Its Maker On A Mystery Hill 1:38