Cowboy Junkies - All that Reckoning

Cowboy Junkies - All that Reckoning

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Label: Latent

Released: July 13, 2018 

Canadian Import

Vinyl LP pressing. With their album, All That Reckoning, The Cowboy Junkies once again gently shake the listener to wake up. Whether commenting on the fragile state of the world or on personal relationships, this new collection may be the most powerful album the Cowboy Junkies have yet recorded. "It's a deeper and a more complete record than we've ever done before," says songwriter/guitarist Michael Timmins. "These songs are about reckoning on a personal level and reckoning on a political level."

Track listing:

A1 All That Reckoning (Part 1)

A2 When We Arrive

A3 The Things We Do To Each Other

A4 Wooden Stairs

A5 Sing Me A Song

B1 Mountain Stream

B2 Missing Children

B3 Shining Teeth

B4 Nose Before Ear

B5 All That Reckoning (Part 2)