Com Truise - Iteration

Com Truise - Iteration

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Label: Ghostly International

Released 6/16/2017

Vinyl LP pressing. "Repetition is a form of change," reads one of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies. Seth Haley knows the concept well, and his style of technicolor synth-wave takes the mantra as a challenge. Six years after Galactic Melt introduced the cosmic story of Com Truise, Iteration now concludes his sprawling saga. True to it's name, the album is built on Com Truise hallmarks: neon-streaked melodies, big drums, robotic grooves, bleary nostalgia. But Iteration is also the most elegant and streamlined that Haley's singular music has ever sounded. At the album's heart is an elaborate narrative, one full of longing, hope, anxiety, and triumph. Iteration illustrates the last moments Com Truise spends on the perilous planet Wave 1, before he and his alien love escape it's clutches to live in peace. "... Of Your Fake Dimension" launches the interstellar drama with it's anthem swells and widescreen sound design, before lovesick songs like "Dryswch" and "Propagation" outline scenes wrought with cybernetic pathos. Later, the frantic rhythms of "Syrthio" conjure images of panicked flight as Haley's gorgeous synth melodies gild the action in quiet heartbreak. Then comes the resounding "When Will You Find The Limit... ", when Iteration's pain and sadness finds liberation in the vast unknown. The closing title track ends it all in a gush of majestic revelry..

Track Listing:

  1. Zeta
  2. Compress-Fuse
  3. Chemical Legs
  4. Reciprocity
  5. She Melts
  6. Trying Times for the Indirect
  7. I Dream (For You)
  8. Surf
  9. Galactic Melt
  10. Post Hawaii
  11. Peach (6809)
  12. False Ascendancy
  13. Constant Fracture
  14. Trajectory