Jared Grabb- Pulling Weight

Jared Grabb- Pulling Weight

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Label: So Say We All

Released 6/5/20


JARED GRABB started hitting the road in a tiny Ford Aspire back in 2000. Performing solo and with the bands SCOUTS HONOR and The FORECAST, he traveled the USA many times over, playing more than 1000 shows and releasing over 100 songs along the way. At the end of 2008, GRABB found the love of his life, watched his full-time rock band fade away, and settled into a new home in Chicago, Illinois. Nearly four years later, he continues to write hard-working folk songs as a new father. Old friends make up GRABB’s backing band on Pulling Weight, with “Atomic” Satterfield manning the drums just like he did for most of Scouts Honor and several years of GRABB’s folk efforts. Chris Anderson (TINA SPARKLE, SUPER 88), Justin Miller (HINTER, ALL ETES WEST, WITCH FEET) Neal MacCannell (HINTER, STEVEN), Mark Frank Perez (MANS, ANGRY GODS, HARPS OF TARTARUS), and Heather Rose (BACK POCKET) complete the line-up.

Track Listing:

A1 When Your Eyes Meet Mine
A2 Pulling Weight
A3 Bronzeville Gate
A4 Half-Empty Cup
A5 Be A Working Man
A6 I Will Always Sing For You
B1 Days And Nights
B2 Ryan To Kennedy
B3 Movies With No Camera
B4 Thank The Day
B5 Man To Pieces
B6 To The Waves