Cranes- Population Four

Cranes- Population Four

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Label: Music in Vinyl

Released 1997, reissued 2020

Limited 180gm blue and white swirled vinyl LP pressing. Includes insert. Population Four signaled the first major change in the lineup of Cranes with the departure of bassist Cope. Jim Shaw stepped from behind the drums to take over lead guitar duties in full, Francombe switched to bass, while new member Manu Ros settled behind the drum kit.

Track Listing:

A1 Tangled Up 3:38
A2 Fourteen 3:15
A3 Breeze 3:41
A4 Can't Get Free 2:49
A5 Stalk 2:19 A6 Sweet Unknown 4:06
B1 Angel Bell 5:26
B2 On Top Of The World 4:28
B3 Brazil 2:30
B4 Let Go 3:31
B5 To Be 4:55