Loscil- Coast/Range/ Arc //

Loscil- Coast/Range/ Arc //

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Label: Kranky

Released 10/16/2020

Named after the geographic formations of the seismically volatile Cascadian coastal mountains, Loscil's coast/range/arc// reissue features new artwork and an additional track. Remastered by James Plotkin and available on vinyl for the first time.

"coast/range/arc// represents a solid and compelling expansion of Loscil's sound." -Dusted "Vancouver-based sound sculptor Scott Morgan doesn't make bad albums." -Exclaim! "This is ambient music in the classic sense." - Boomkat "It's not hard to hear a parallel between the slow-motion developments within Morgan's pieces and the shifts that occur imperceptibly in natural phenomena." -Texture

Track listing:

  • 1 Black Tusk
  • 2 Fromme
  • 3 Stave Peak
  • 4 NÉVÉ
  • 5 Brohms Ridge
  • 6 Goat Mountain
  • 7 Black Tusk (Descent)