Nebula- Dos EPs

Nebula- Dos EPs

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Label: Heavy Psych

Reissued February 25, 2018

European Import

LP version. Heavy Psych Sounds present a reissue of Nebula's compilation album Dos EPs, originally released in 2002. Nebula is one of those bands that would have fit perfectly on a concert bill with Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, or the Stooges circa 1973. The power trio of Eddie Glass (vocals, guitars), Ruben Romano (drums), and Mark Abshire (bass) has quietly fused a somewhat modernized, but highly distinctive '70s hard rock sound all it's own. Dos EPs combines the very limited Sun Creature EP (1999) and the Meteor City split (1998) with three additional songs that groove on raunchy guitar hooks, opaque slacker vocals, and bleed-heavy drumming. Of the unreleased material, "Long Day" pegs an infectious hard-luck guitar swagger against a catchy slippery rhythm, while "Rocket" and "Bardo Airways" scream in a straightforward attack that would make any old-school AC/DC or Judas Priest fan proud. Also sounding retro-fresh are previously released rockers "Full Throttle", "Fall Of Icarus", and "Rollin' My Way To Freedom", which all intertwine nicely together. "Smokin' Woman" is truly a signature piece that blisters in a fog of heavy fuzzed-out mid-song riffage. Despite the presence of occasional lyrical fluff, it's the shredding musical jams that should satisfy desert rock listeners, making Dos EPs essential for Nebula collections. Dos EPs was released in 2002 on Meteor City. The songs were engineered by Jack Endino and Joe Hogan. Includes unlisted bonus tracks.

Track Listing:

  • 1 Rocket
  • 2 Long Day
  • 3 Bardo Airways
  • 4 Anything from You
  • 5 Rollin' My Way to Freedom
  • 6 Fall of Icarus
  • 7 Smokin' Woman
  • 8 Fly on
  • 9 Full Throttle
  • 10 Sun Creature
  • 11 Back to the Dawn