Voivod- Outer Limits
Voivod- Outer Limits

Voivod- Outer Limits

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Label: Real Gone Music

Reissued 2021, Originally released 1993

The Outer Limits offers the unique blend of atonal riffs, off-time tempo changes, and sci-fi imagery that made this Quebec band such a shining star in the Canadian metal scene. The Outer Limits features a great cover of Pink Floyd's 'The Nile Song' (Voïvod had covered 'Astronomy Domine' on their 1989 album Nothingface), but without question the album's centerpiece is the winding 17-minute song 'Jack Luminous,' which is something of a prog-rock masterpiece. Our reissue comes with a jacket and inner sleeve boasting lyrics and drummer Michael Langevin's illustrations. Brand-new 'Rocket Fire' Red with Black Smoke vinyl pressing!

Track Listing:

  1. Fix My Heart 4:56
  2. Moonbeam Rider 4:10
  3. Le Pont Noir 5:43
  4. The Nile Song
  5. The Lost Machine 5:52
  6. Time Warp 3:54
  7. Jack Luminous 17:28
  8. Wrong-Way Street 3:50
  9. We Are Not Alone 4:26