Pig Destroyer- Terrifyer

Pig Destroyer- Terrifyer

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Label: Relapse

Released 2004, reissued 2021

Available on vinyl for the first time in over 12 years, this vinyl pressing of “Terrifyer” features four bonus tracks not found on the initial release of this now-classic grind record. PIG DESTROTERS's frighteningly compelling mix of metal, grind, thrash and punk rock seethes with an intensity that will unnerve the unprepared

Track Listing:

A-1 Intro 0:41
A-2 Pretty In Casts 1:16
A-3 Boy Constrictor 0:58
A-4 Scarlet Hourglass 0:57
A-5 Thumbsucker 1:33
A-6 Gravedancer 3:01
A-7 Lost Cause 0:54
A-8 Sourheart 0:53
A-9 Towering Flesh 3:34
A-10 Song Of Filth 0:41
A-11 Verminess 1:16
A-12 Torture Ballad 1:20
A-13 Restraining Order Blues 1:32
A-14 Carrion Fairy 2:30
B-15 Downpour Girl 1:29
B-16 Soft Assassin 1:26
B-17 Dead Carnations 1:30
B-18 Crippled Horses 1:34
B-19 The Gentleman 1:23
B-20 Crawl Of Time 1:30
B-21 Terrifyer 2:11 Bonus Tracks
B-22 Dress In Gasoline
B-23 The Cutting Room
B-24 Blurface
B-25 Doomspell