Saves the Day- Under the Boards

Saves the Day- Under the Boards

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Label: Vagrant / BMG

Reissued 2018, originally released 2007

Saves the Day released their debut album Can't Slow Down in 1998 followed by Through Being Cool in 1999. With the latter, Saves the Day successfully upgraded their powerful sound with even better songwriting, propelling the band to the next level in the punk, indie and hardcore rock communities in the process. Produced by Steve Evetts and home to the standouts "Shoulder to the Wheel," "Rocks Tonic Juice Magic," "Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots" and "Third Engine," Through Being Cool has gone on to become a touchstone release for an entire generation with vocalist Chris Conley calling it, "the most important record that we did."

Track Listing:

  • - Disc 1 -
  • 1 Under the Boards
  • 2 Radio
  • 3 Can't Stay the Same
  • 4 Get F*D Up
  • 5 When I'm Not There
  • 6 Lonely Nights
  • - Disc 2 -
  • 1 Bye Bye Baby
  • 2 Stay (Live)
  • 3 Getaway
  • 4 Because You Are No Other
  • 5 Kaleidoscope
  • 6 Woe
  • 7 Turning Over in My Tomb