The Weakerthans- Reunion Tour

The Weakerthans- Reunion Tour

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Label: Epitaph

Released 2007

The WEAKERTHANS hold deep roots in the indie scene with three albums and over 90,000 sales. With literary lyrics that could stand alongside a Raymond Carver or Russell Banks short story, and music that channels the spirit of punk, alt-country, barroom rock, and folk, this band is set to build on the critical acclaim that greeted 2003's "Reconstruction Site" with a sound that bands like BRIGHT EYES and WILCO are finally bringing into the top 10.

Track listing:

  1. Civil Twilight
  2. Hymn Of The Medical Oddity
  3. Relative Surplus Value
  4. Tournament Of Hearts
  5. Virtute The Cat Explains Her Departure
  6. Elegy For Gump Worsley
  7. Sun In An Empty Room
  8. Night Windows
  9. Bigfoot!
  10. Reunion Tour
  11. Utilities