Copyrights- Alone In A Dome

Copyrights- Alone In A Dome

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Label: Fat Wreck

Released 10/22/2021

It’s been seven years since The Copyrights released their last album Report, but the wait is finally over. Ahead of the Carbondale, IL punks’ 20th anniversary in 2022, the foursome have returned with their seventh full-length album, Alone in A Dome. Not that you’d know it was the band’s seventh record—across the course of these 12 songs, the band sounds just as vibrant and vigorous, energetic and youthful, as it ever has. Whether that’s because they recorded most of it in the basement of Carbondale’s Lost Cross punk house, where the band was formed all those years ago, is uncertain, but the spirit of that house, of their youth and of the scene in general, is very much alive and kicking for the record’s half-hour runtime.

Track listing:

  1. Part of the Landscape
  2. Halos 
  3. Stuck in the Winter
  4. Pretender