Corey Taylor- CMF2

Corey Taylor- CMF2

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Label: BMG

Released 9/15/2023

CMF2 Corey Taylor - Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum singer-songwriter, actor and New York Times best-selling author Corey Taylor (SLIPKNOT, STONE SOUR) has revealed details for his new solo studio album, "CMF2".

Track listing:

  1. The Box
  2. Post Traumatic Blues
  3. Talk Sick
  4. Breath of Fresh Smoke
  5. Beyond
  6. We Are the Rest
  7. Midnight
  8. Starmate
  9. Sorry Me
  10. Punchline
  11. Someday I'll Change Your Mind
  12. All I Want Is Hate
  13. Dead Flies