Corrosion Of Conformity- Blind (30th Anniversary Edition)

Corrosion Of Conformity- Blind (30th Anniversary Edition)

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Label: Columbia / Century Media

Reissued 1/7/2022, Originally released 1991

Double vinyl LP pressing. Corrosion landed a deal with sizable indie Relativity and approached local producer John Custer to redefine C.O.C.'s sounds of sedition. C.O.C.'s iconic spikey skull was about to make the move from iconic hardcore logo to something much more profound. Recorded in the dead heat of a New York Summer with Keenan literally wheelchair bound (after a femur-shattering stage diving mishap while watching future Down bandmate Phil Anselmo peel paint with Pantera), Blind was nothing short of a complete re-ignition. Under Custer's guidance, guitars were stacked on top of guitars like Queen on a Black Flag bender with a maddened Roy Thomas Baker at the board. Essentially, the rulebook was set on fire. Blind is literally the soundtrack to a country ripping itself apart - a sentiment no less relevant now. Even the artwork by celebrated comics artist Bill Sienkewicz (New Mutants, Elektra: Assassin) brims with that sense of overwhelming angst and ennui.

Track listing:

  1. These Shrouded Temples...
  2. Damned For All Time
  3. Dance Of The Dead
  4. Buried
  5. Break The Circle
  6. Painted Smiling Face
  7. Mine Are The Eyes Of God
  8. Shallow Ground
  9. Vote With A Bullet
  10. Great Purification
  11. White Noise
  12. Echoes In The Well
  13. ...Remain