Crime & The City Solution- Paradise Discotheque

Crime & The City Solution- Paradise Discotheque

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Label: Mute

Reissued 2/24/2023, Originally released 1990

Crime’s freedom of expression and adventurousness reached an apex on 1990’s Paradise Discotheque and its epic Last Dictator saga, which spanned four songs laid out like chapters at the album’s conclusion. The album and the variety of styles used on it, from the metallic sounds of “I Have The Gun” to the magic realism of “The Last Dictator” quartet, were influenced by Bonney and Adams’ move to Vienna. Restored from the original masters and re- cut in 2022, the vinyl will be limited to 1,000 copies worldwide.

Track listing:

  1. I Have The Gun
  2. The Sly Persuaders
  3. The Dolphins And The Sharks
  4. The Sun Before The Darkness
  5. Motherless Child
  6. The Last Dictator 1
  7. The Last Dictator 2
  8. The Last Dictator 3
  9. The Last Dictator 4